'All or Nothing: Arsenal' will take viewers behind the scenes at one of the Premier League's biggest clubs during the 2021/22 campaign, offering unprecedented access to Mikel Arteta and his team. Produced by 72 Films for Prime Video, the series was fully post produced at Splice.

Splice's Head of Colour, Adam Dolniak, graded the series on Filmlight's Baselight.

The overall feel of the grade is lively and vibrant; enhancing the green of the pitch and amplifying Arsenal’s famous bold red. London is a crucial part of the series, which Adam made to look colourful and inviting. The series was graded in ACES for a HDR delivery using Filmlight’s 'Scene Looks' to create vivid colours. Dolby Analysis was used to create the SDR version with a trim pass.

Online for UHD/HDR and SDR versions were by Splice’s Senior Online Editor, Matt Parry. Matt utilised the Boris and Sapphire effects packages and used Mocha in conjunction with Boris Effects for removes, blurring and stabilisation. 'Neat Video' was used extensively throughout the series to denoise the rig camera scenes as well as any scenes filmed in low light.

Minor cropping and reframing throughout the series helped with the continuity and flow of different scenes; including rig camera shots, match day footage and interview eyelines.

All captions were done externally in Photoshop, these were created with a style and texture to match the other graphic elements created by Alchemy.

For the sound of the series; Splice’s Dubbing Mixers, Matt Baird and Luke Hodsdon treated the audio to ensure the viewer felt like they were experiencing the games first-hand and focussed on getting the most out of the 'behind the scenes' dialogue.

The majority of the dialogue recorded in and around the team was captured by multiple rig mics. Matt and Luke would use a number of mics in one scene, carefully mixing between them to make the sound coherent and appear to be from one mic. As with any mics in large rooms, noise became a big factor, so they used Izotope RX9 suite to its fullest capacity as well as Wave's Clarity Pro, and found a great balance between the two.

For the match scenes, the sound team wanted to keep them as realistic as possible while providing a more immersive experience for the viewer. In the mix Matt and Luke used the separation of 5.1 surround and different reverbs to make the viewer feel like they’re standing in the stadiums amongst the crowds.

Watch All or Nothing: Arsenal now on Prime Video.