DVD Authoring, Encoding and Aspera Delivery

'From any format to any format anywhere in the world.'

Our digital department is able to encode/transcode from tape or file and output in real time any flavour of codecs you can think of. From H264 to uncompressed HD, we can advise you on what best to chose to deliver to your clients. Edit approval or very complex application, we can send your file anywhere in the world through our secured 100mb pipe.

From a simple Autoplay DVD/Bluray disc to more sophisticated ones, our team of designers and authors will bring their expertise to your project; coming with ideas for your motion menus and complex navigation. Our top of the range Rimage thermal printer will give this professional retail look to your discs which won't fail to impress your client.

Having connections with replicators and the best spoken translation/subtitling companies for multi-language discs will allow you to relax while we negotiate the very best possible price for you and follow the project from conception to delivery.

Please contact our datacine department for more details and rates.

ContentAgent-XR makes working with files a breeze, even for non-technical operators. From material imported from any source or captured from tape, even the most complex multi-format encoding processes are speedily and effortlessly created - including all associated metadata.

A dedicated machine-room tool, not a general purpose computer, ContentAgent-XR is built to streamline workflow and increase profitability.

With ContentAgent-XR Splice can:

1. Capture - from SD and HD tape and encode/transcode in all commonly used and envisaged broadcast and streaming media file formats.

2. Import - from multiple sources. Output to multiple destinations.

3. Improve -  productivity using database driven sharing of media and templates.

4. Set up - unattended batch capture.

5. Perform - PAL/NTSC standards conversion.

6. Simply - create interactive DVDs - including WMV HD DVDs.

7. Assemble - multi-format compilations for playout.