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Our talented crew of in-house dubbing mixers and sound designers give you total creative freedom over your project.  Splice has five sound studios and two tracklay workstations, all featuring an extensive range of high-end third party plugins for audio restoration, sound design, recording, editing and mixing.

Running the latest version of Avid Pro Tools 12, two studios are equipped with Icon mixing consoles, two studios have newly installed S6 M40 mixing desks and the fifth is equipped with the S6 M10 console.  The suites are fully compliant with the latest regulatory standards in broadcast audio, including R128 loudness, and are capable of Dolby E surround encoding.  The audio department is fully networked allowing projects, and media to be instantly accessed and worked on by multiple audio and online suites. This allows for an exceptionally streamlined workflow providing amazing speed and power for your mix.  

All of our studios have line of sight, direct access and control of voice-over booths. Designed to accomodate up to five people in comfort for VO recording and ADR for Broadcast, Commercials and Feature Films, with adjoining green room facilities.        Down the line recording is accommodated via ISDN or Source Connect.

We understand that sometimes you need voice-over recording at short notice, so we make a point of reserving capacity for exactly that reason.  For more info on how Splice can help please contact our bookings team.