The Monthly Post: April — Splice


This month marked four years since the creation of the #walaladreamcometruebuilding; Camille Walala's incredible design that wraps the entire building of our Old Street facility.  So we thought we would take the opportunity to share the story of its inception.

The brainchild of photographer Jenny Lewis, who had been following Camille's work on Instagram; when Splice moved into the facility in 2014, Jenny knew it could be more than just a boring office block so reached out to Camille via direct message.  The seed was planted, Camille had always dreamt of painting an entire building and she quickly got to work on the incredible design.  It was painted in just 10 days by a team of volunteers, that Camille recruited through her social media, as well as the amazing Marcin on ropes.  We can't thank Camille enough for all the smiles it's given us and the whole of East London over the last four years.  Take a look at our Instagram for some behind the scenes photographs taken by Jenny.

Meanwhile, we have of course been busy posting lots of great telly too, from BBC One's The Murder of Jill Dando, to the new and second series of Salvage Hunters: The Restorers for Quest as well as documentaries The Creative Brain for Netflix and Woody Guthrie: Three Chords and the Truth for BBC Four.  

Lastly, April's Employee of the Month was awarded to audio assistant Elliott Bowell, for getting glowing feedback all-around.  Well done Elliott!