Post-Production Case Study: The Reluctant Landlord — Splice


The Project

Splice housed the offline edit and completed full post production for brand new sitcom written by Romesh Ranganathan and produced by What Larks! for Sky One.    The six-part scripted comedy series is loosely based on Romesh's own experiences of running his father's pub after he died.  Post production executive Ramit Anchal post produced the project.

Colour Grading

Senior colourist, Adam Dolniak graded in Filmlight’s Baselight, working to achieve a warm and friendly feel to the show.  The series was shot on Arri Amiras with cooke s4i lenses and all camera work was handheld; this and the lack of lighting from above give the pub an intimate feel, pushing this further in the grade Dolniak used secondary shapes on faces to ensure it did not feel overlit.  The DoP, Trevelyan Oliver and director, David Sant were keen to steer away from the traditional sitcom look.

Audio Post Production

Jack Lewis handled the sound effects, foley and design elements, making full use of both our large sound effects libraries for spot sounds and recording booths for foley and specific sound design requests.  Senior dubbing mixer Joe Cochrane mixed the series on an Avid S6 using ProTools HD, with extensive use of Altiverb, Speakerphone and Space to alter the environments throughout the series.  Director David got involved with the sound design, recording TV spots and background ADR to further fill the soundscape. Joe's highlight of the series is Romesh's open mic night song that he plays in episode six, which Joe spliced together from a random selection of noises recorded by the composer.

Online Editing

Tristan Lancey was online editor using Avid Symphony with plugins from Mocha and Boris FX.

Where to Watch

Tuesdays at 10.00 pm on Sky One or NOW TV.

Watch a clip here.