Post-Production Case Study: Forensics - The Real CSI — Splice


The Project 

Splice housed offline and completed full post-production for the miniseries for BBC Two.  The documentary series follows the Northumbria Police as they unravel the twists and turns of major crime investigations in the North East.  Anna Prickett was post producer for the project.

Colour Grading

Head of Picture, Adam Dolniak graded the series in Filmlight's Baselight.  He opted for a strong bluey-green look with film grain for the title elements, having drawn inspiration from references provided by the director such as the title sequence from ABC's 'The Walking Dead'.  Within the films, Adam used Baselight's tracking tool to comp in external lens flare elements to add an extra layer of sexiness to the drone shots.

Audio Post Production

Dubbing mixer, Patrick Baker mixed the series on Pro Tools 12 using the Avid S6 control surface.  He made extensive use of Izotope RX noise reduction to remove any clicks, pops, crackle and hiss from production recordings.  He carefully balanced the composed music to enhance the mood of the films without detracting from the story. 

Online Editing

Head of Online, Tristan Lancey completed the online in Avid Symphony with Baselight BLG plugin integration, this allowed him to make the flexibility for any legal changes and re-edits of scenes at the last minute whilst keeping the grade consistent.

Tristan worked with fellow Splice online editor, Ben Harris, on the title sequence design, having been given free rein by the director.  The design was composited with multiple layer masks, grunge textures, lens warps, and particle layers.  

Dust particles were added to the talking head interviews to give them subtle depth and to match the forensic fingerprinting powder that showed up so well in the air under the light at the crime scenes.   

Where to Watch

The full series is available now on BBC iPlayer.

Watch a clip here.