The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy

Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton delves into the mystery of Tutankhamun's burnt mummy.

01 Nov 2013

Almost a century after Howard Carter's historic discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb, Egpytologist Dr Chris Naunton investigates clues which suggest the pharoah's mummy had been burnt. Backed by brand new chemical tests and the emergence of a fragment of the Pharaoh's flesh, Chris attempts to crack the mystery of the Burnt Mummy - did a botched mummification cause Tutankhamun's body to spontaneously combust? And can these investigations give us new clues as to what caused the Boy King's death?

Splice has completed Online & Audio Reversions of the 60 minute documentary produced by Blink Films which goes on air at 8pm on Sunday 10th November on Channel 4.