Sky Arts Playhouse Presents 'The Damned'

Sky Arts Playhouse Presents ‘The Damned’. Splice housed offline and completed full final post on the sitcom.

30 May 2014
Commissioned as part of the Sky Arts Playhouse Presents strand ‘The Damned’ is a one off 30 minute situation comedy written by Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks.

The comedy follows menopausal single parent Rose through one nightmare day. From three sick children at home to chaos in the social services department she works in.  Helped through by her colleague Al, will she make it to the end of the day with her career still in tact?

Splice housed offline & completed full final post on this one off 30 minute film as part of Sky Arts Playhouse Presents.

Catch it on Sky Arts on Thursday 12th June at 9pm.