Splice houses offline and completes full post for feature documentary which will premiere at Sheffield Documentary Festival

08 May 2017

Online Editor: Tristan Lancey

Dubbing Mixer: Phitz Hearne

Colourist: Adam Dolniak

Post Producer: Devan Vimal

Bookings Coordinator: Edwin Freduah-Gyimah

Splice housed offline and completed full post production for the feature documentary directed by Angus Macqueen and Rachel Rob-Levyt.  

Oink explores man's relationship to pigs – the confused mix of violence and sentimentality from factory farming to having pigs as pets. Veering from a talking baby pig to live xenotransplantation, Ralph Steadman's cartoons for Animal Farm to wild hogs being machine-gunned from a helicopter, Oink is a mad journey from China via Brooklyn to Wiltshire reflecting on who we are and how we deal with the world around us.

The film will premiere at the Sheffield Documentary Festival on Tuesday 13th June.