Night Of The Fight: Hatton's Last Stand

ITV documentary featuring professional boxer Ricky Hatton as he returns to the ring for one last fight.

07 Oct 2013

After losing to Manny Pacquiao in his last fight in 2009, Ricky Hatton has been subject to derision from the press, accusing him of drug-taking and binge drinking - all this has combined to give him a burning desire to return to the ring and set the record straight. He says: "It's not just the defeat by Manny Pacquiao - I feel like I've let people down and all that good I did in the ring has all been for nothing. It's something that needs doing not only for me to move on in my boxing career - but to move on in my life".

This film, produced by Ad Hoc Films with post production by Splice, offers unprecedented access to Ricky as he trains and prepares for his final comeback. Will the comeback pay off, or will it be another defeat? Find out on 16th October at 10pm, on ITV 4.