Claimed and Shamed: Series 2

Claimed and Shamed returns to BBC1 for its second series, delving further into the world of insurance fraud.

13 Sep 2013

Follow the elite team of investigators as they continue to expose people committing insurance fraud, focusing on a different case each week. Insurance fraud is a problem across the globe and it's becoming an epidemic here in the UK - Claimed and Shamed is back to uncover some of the most audacious attempts at fake insurance claims across the nation.

Series two continues to combine real surveillance footage with footage from the investigations and chases, making for an exciting ride through the ever-increasing world of fraud. Some of the cases are shocking, as with a supposedly disabled man ripping apart his mother's bathroom in episode one, while some are simply hilarious, such as a man making a fake fall in a supermarket.

Splice completed full post on this series as well as series one. The first episode airs on Monday 16th September and episodes will be on BBC1 everyday for two weeks.