Splice & Procam

We have partnered with Procam to offer full end to end technical support and management

27 Feb 2018

Splice have partnered up with production equipment rental company and crewing company, Procam, to offer full end to end technical support and management, removing the delineation between shoot and post.

Working together we are able to create a bespoke workflow for your project from camera to post.  Our partnership means both companies keep each other up to date with the latest cameras, CODECs and workflows meaning we can provide the most up-to-date and efficient solutions. And if something changes on set or shoot, we already know about it back at Splice.

Most recently, we have collaborated on Mark Gill's feature film, England Is Mine, which dramatises the early years of The Smiths frontman Steven Morrissey.  Splice and Procam were involved from the beginning of the project, helping design, test and establish the workflow from set to post including data wrangling to ensure everything went smoothly through to edit, DI and dub.

To hear more please contact create@prosplice24.com