The Project

Splice housed offline and completed full post-production on the latest series of Salvage Hunters for Quest.  This is the seventh series of the hit show that we have completed at Splice.  Salvage Hunters follows modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard as he travels the length and breadth of the country in search of weird and wonderful objects. Senior post producer Lydia Thatcher was post producer across the project, having looked after five series so far.

Colour Grading 

Eddie Nuttall graded on Filmlight's Baselight for Avid plug-in, using the Baselight Slate panel, a new workflow for Series 13 which offered a fast and flexible approach to the high volume nature of the show. Eddie paid particular attention to mid-tone saturation and mid-tone contrast to achieve the distinct look of Salvage Hunters, whilst making secondary correction of skin tones in ad-hoc lighting conditions using hue shift.

Audio Post Production

Dubbing mixer, Patrick Baker mixed the series on Pro Tools 12 on the Avid S6 M40 console.  Patrick ensured care was taken to match the dialogue recording from different locations, such as vans, shops and exteriors in order to make the viewing experience smooth and enjoyable without any obvious tonal shifts.  Sound effects were then added and mixed carefully with intent to subtly enhance the different locations.  Patrick used Izotope RX7 noise reduction to repair crackle, clicks, rumble and hiss.

Online Editing

Eddie Nuttall was also online editor and completed the online in Avid Symphony, using Boris plug-ins with Mocha integration for blurring, digital rostrum, stabilising and object removals.  Eddie made use of neat video for noise reduction on any material shot in low lighting conditions.  

Where to Watch

Weekdays at 8.00pm on Quest or stream online via Quest On Demand.

Watch a clip here.